Welcome to Orphanage ELIM of the LORD....The HOME that gives HOPE to the destitute and needy

This Orphanage (orphan home) needs your helping hand and compassionate heart to be a blessing. 

 Welcome to this home....Dr.M.Singh (MD) and family welcomes you !


THIS  IS  THE  STORY…….Dr. Muni Raj Singh and his wife, Sandra, begun the orphanage work in Suriname, South America, when their first son, GIOVANNI, passed away from DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY at the age of  12 years old. (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a terminal chronic genetic muscle disease that rob children of their lives at an early age) 

Before Giovanni died, he requests his parents to care for poor and needy children, also for other children who had lost their parents and homes during the 8 years civil wars in the country.

This is the history how the orphanage ministry began.

Dr.and Mrs. Singh took 56 children in their home and cared for them with all their hearts. They began without any support from the government or from any other place. The only support that they had then, was from the church (Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ Foundation) that Rev. Dr. M. R. Singh was the founder of and also its Senior Pastor.

The economic situation of the country was in a bad condition. In addition, they were under pressures from different institutions because their home at that time, (behind the church at Molenpad 52 Paramaribo), was too small for so many children.

They then decided to acquire a piece of land and to build an orphanage, (children home), to house orphans, poor and needy children, also children with disability.

The currency of the country changed unexpectedly at least 3 times, causing the value to decline and the prices for accommodies to increase. At that time, the value of the money was 2300-2750 gilders for one US dollar.

However, despite betrayals, pressures and attacks, the opening of the orphanage building is a realization of a dream. It was a celebration of prayers and thanks.

Added to the orphanage project, is the construction of a school for the children. These projects are provoking realities. On the same land, many other projects were drafted out such as a manager home, a library, an office, a home for the elderly, etc.

Many true hearts were touched to help support these projects in different ways. Some have remained faithful to this precious humanitarian cause until this day.

Much gratefulness to all others, who have and are still contributing positively, in one way or the other, to this GOOD CAUSE.

Your help is greatly needed and will be appreciated !!

Contact us:


Dr. Muni Raj Singh

Orphanage ELIM of the LORD 

(Kinderhuis ELIM van de HEER)

Molenpad 52 Paramaribo Suriname

South America

Tel:   (597) 483704

E-mail:  bvkerk@sr.net


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